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područje rada

Clinical examinations of feet and computer analysis of the walk are performed in the Polyclinic for Orthopedy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Kinematika”.

Examinations are performed on children and youth, so as to determine whether there is a need of applying corrective orthopedic insoles at that age.

If there are such indications, orthopedic insoles with the purpose of relieving pressure can be applied with adults.

Computer manufactured orthopedic insoles can bi used preventively, e.g. with athletes and with persons that predominantly stand on their job. Furthermore, they can be utilized in treatment of various deformations, problems, and injuries of the foot, individually or in addition to other treatment measures – physical therapy or operative treatment.

We  also offer variety of foot orthosis such as bunion corrector; toe separators and spreaders,  flexed toes correctors  and special slippers for wearing ortopedic insoles.


Clinical examination is being performed by a physician in the consulting room.

Computer analysis of walking

The analysis of test results obtained by measurement on the computer platform.

Individual computer orthopedic insoles are being manufactured with the assistance of CAD/CAM systems after clinical examination and computer analysis of the walk.